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Importer of beautiful kitchen cabinets door's handles at incredible prices.
New Starting Mai 2016!
Why not Becoming Distributor for a new Handle & Knobs Selection?
Your customers will save up to 50% compare to hardware stores
No need to keep stock! You only buy all the samples.
New Models will grow the selection every 3 months
Distributors categories. 
Occasional Distributor:
  • Offering DécoFinition's items to his friend's circle. 
Distributor Professional:
  • In this category we find the docorateurs / decorators, cabinetmakers, kitchen designers. 
  • This distributor has only samples with him and he places orders for its customers. 
  • This distributor can be visited by customers and can also move with the samples. 
Institutional Distributor:
  • A conventionnal store where customers can go to view and purchase items of DécoFinition. 
  • This dispenser keep a minimum stock of each model offered by DécoFinition. 
Distributor in Standby: Doesn't have the samples yet.

Chute-aux-Outardes, Qc
  • Distributor in Standby.
Laval, QC
  • Professional Distributor.
Montréal-Nord, Qc

  • Distributor in Standby.
Mont-Laurier, Qc
  • Distributor in Standby.
Mont St-Hilaire, Qc

  • Distributor in Standby
Repentigny, Qc
Saint-Sauveur, Qc
  • Distributor in Standby.
Sainte-Thérèse, Qc
  • Distributor in Standby.
Sherbrooke, Qc
  • Planification3D.com 819-565-9958 (home presentation) Occasional Distributor.
St-Hubert, Qc
  • Distributor in Standby.
St-Joseph de Beauce, Qc
  • Distributor in Standby
St-Jude Sud Alma, Qc
  • Distributor in Standby
Thetford-Mines, Qc
  • Gilles Savoie 418-333-4133 Occasionnal Distributor.
Bathurst, N.B.
  • Distributor in Standby
Online Store, Canada